Your 2013 Numerology Prediction

Your 2013 Numerology Prediction

Your Birth Date and Month is 10, September


For 2013, your personal year is 7.

Personal year 7 is ruled by Neptune. Number 7 is the most spiritual number. This year would be a very introspective year and a year of reflection.

You may feel like pursuing your interests, travelling, going for higher education or finding a way to escape from business pressures and spend more time in self analysis and meditation. Be cautious of misunderstandings and difficult situations in job or business and do not take risks.

This is a waiting period to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Life will be moving slow and best activities to engage during this year is that of study, writing, skill upgrade, spiritual awakening and enlightenment as your ability to think clearly, analyse and integrate your thoughts is peaked now.

Good time for wedding for persons having birth date number as 1,3,4,5 or 9.

Mantra for 2013

"This is the best time for spiritual progress but this brings some difficulties in material aspects. Keep patience, remain optimistic and use this time for spiritual progress and skill upgrade. Do not take risk in business and job affairs."