Number 1 Numerology Compatibility

Compatibility for people born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month

Number 1 is for Sun and Number 1 persons are leaders, assertive and dominating and they are concerned with the self. They both have high ego and always try to be smarter than others. This combination is beneficial for business and professional purpose. For the marriage purpose both the partners are equally adamant, dominating, egoistic and ambitious thus it is difficult to maintain peace. This combination can work better work if responsibilities and outlines are properly defined in between the two partners.

Number 1 is for Sun and Number 2 is for Moon. Number 1 is assertive, dominating and independent while number 2 is gentle by nature, emotional, understanding and dependent on others. This combination is beneficial for any relationship or partnership where number 1 person is leading and number 2 person is supporting. For marriage, if number 1 person is the chief earner of the family and number 2 is taking care of the family responsibilities, this combination could be an excellent compatible match.

Number 1 is for Sun and Number 3 is for Jupiter. The combination of these two numbers makes a very successful relationship as the number 1 person is a leader, ambitious and career oriented while number 3 is also multifaceted, intelligent and cultured. Their characteristics can support each other well in their growth. however both numbers have the characteristics to be self centered and egoistic hence need to be checked in relationship

Number 1 is for Sun and Number 4 is for Uranus. In this relationship number 1 person is ambitious, progressive, impulsive and active where number 4 is realistic and earthly person. These two numbers have opposite but complementary qualities. Their personalities and interests are entirely differen

In this relationship number 1 is determined, committed and responsible whereas number 5 is changing, restless and freedom loving. The characteristics of both the numbers are conflicting so it could be difficult to understand each other. If both the persons are friend and understand each other, it can lead to a good, successful partnership as both these numbers are good for business, professional and financial success

Number 1 is for Sun and 6 is for Venus. If number 1 and number 6 is clubbed together this is an excellent combination for making happy and long lasting relationship. Number 1 person is career oriented and independent whereas number 6 person is caring, loving and responsible

This combination can be a long lasting relationship, as there is harmony in these numbers. Number 1 is purposeful, professional and independent and number 7 is intelligent, intuitive and imaginative. The relationship between these two numbers is successful because both are born travellers, energetic and purposeful

This combination gets involved in passionate and intense love affair because both are strong, immovable, determined and both will stand on their own ground either it is right or wrong. This combination is a perfect relationship of love and hate. Due to the adamant and egoistic nature of both the numbers sometimes conflicts can arise. Compromise is the key to a peaceful life

Here both numbers are the sign of fire thus both are aggressive, inventive and demonstrating. Both have plenty of understanding in their relationship as the number 1 person is career oriented and dominating whereas number 9 person is sacrificing and encourage his partner in the path of life