Number 2 Numerology Compatibility

Compatibility for people born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month

Number is for Moon and Number 1 is for Sun. Number 2 is gentle by nature, emotional, understanding and dependent on other while Number 1 is assertive, dominating and independent. This combination is beneficial for any relationship or partnership where number 1 person is leading and number 2 person is supporting. For marriage, if number 2 is taking care of the family responsibilities and number 1 person is the chief earner of the family, this combination could be an excellent compatible match

Number 2 is for Moon and Number 2 persons are simple, strait forward, honest and love their family very much. The characteristics of both the partners are same. Their likes and dislikes, positive and negative attributes are similar and their entire life is parallel to the mats. Both are shy, sensitive, sometimes shows lack of confidence, both need a shoulder in life and can not survive on their own thus it is necessary that at least one should be strong and take the decisions and responsibilities

Number 2 is for Moon and number 3 is for Jupiter. Number 2 person is hardworking, home loving, sensitive, shy and adjustable but having a lack of confidence and often confused while number 3 people is socially inclined, luxury loving, outspoken, bold and multifaceted thus in the relationship, the nature of both the partner is entirely different and difficul

Number 2 is for Moon and number 4 is for Uranus. Number 2 is a home loving, shy, sensitive, imaginative and diplomatic while number 4 is reserved, practical, and intelligent and an excellent organizer as number 4 is strong and wise enough thus their life is very smooth. The number 2 is romantic and spiritual and number 4 is practical thus the combination of these two numbers is excellent and they live their life peacefully

Number 2 is for Moon and number 5 is for mercury. Number 2 is sincere, sensitive, spiritual, loyal and gentle while 5 is restless, global and changing. Number 2 is a home loving, committed, number 5 loves freedom, and adventure. Number 5 is sensual while number 2 is romantic and spiritual. The characteristics of both the numbers are conflicting so it is difficult to understand each other. Adjustments and understanding is necessary in this relationship

Number 2 is for Sun and number 6 is for Venus. This is one of the best combinations as both are spiritual, artistic, imaginative intuitive, home and peace loving. Here the number 6 is a born host and well balanced while number 2 is moderator and always supportive of his partner

Number 2 is for Moon and number 7 is for Neptune. Though these are opposite planets but the characteristic of both the numbers are almost same thus this combination is very fruitful as they understand each other. Here both the numbers are spiritual, imaginative, intuitive and sensitive

Number 2 is for moon and number 8 is for Saturn. Number 2 is shy, sensitive and represents a dependency while 8 is strong, represents power, strength, hard work, organization and execution. Two people with such number can live together because number 2 is too sensitive and emotional and 8 is practical and understand the emotions of number 2. But the communication between these two is supposed to be less

Number 2 is for Moon and number 9 is for Mars. Mars is considered as the friend of Moon thus this relationship is good for love and marriage. Characteristic of number 9 is forgiveness, tolerance and compassion and this is what a shy and sensitive number 2 wants. When these two numbers are combined together, they are two separate entities but one soul