Number 6 Numerology Compatibility

Compatibility for people born on 6, 15, or 24 of any month

Number 6 is for Venus and number 1 is for Sun. Number 6 is caring, loving and responsible whereas the number 1 person is career oriented and independent. If number 6 and number 1 are clubbed together this is an excellent combination for making happy and long lasting relationship

Number 6 is for Venus and number 2 is for Moon. This is one of the best combination as both are spiritual, artistic, imaginative intuitive, home and peace loving. Here the number 6 is a born host and well balanced while number 2 is moderator and always supportive to the partner

The ruling planet for number 6 is Venus and for number 3 is Jupiter. Number 6 enjoys life with number 3 and number 6 grows in all aspects under the wise partnership of number 3. Both have similar likes and dislikes. Number 3 represents mastermind and 6 is the number of common sense thus the combination is excellent. These two numbers can spend their life blissfully with each other

Number 6 is for Venus and number 4 is for Uranus. Number 6 is artistic, home loving, love nature and need some privacy in the life while number 4 is practical, reserved, home loving and dependent and trust worthy. These two numbers are compatible with each other

Number 6 ruled by Venus and number 5 represent Mercury. Intuitive, loyal, balanced and common sense are some qualities of number 6 while number 5 is freedom loving, born gambler, love to travel, adventurous and demonstrative. For number 6, family comes on priority. This combination works well as both the partners have balanced characteristic to make a good partnership

Both are from Venus and have complete harmony with each other. Two people with this number make a perfect couple as they both love nature, beauty and fine things of life. Both are completely balanced, have lots of common sense and give priority to their family

Number 6 represents Venus and number 7 is for Neptune. Number 6 is artistic, home loving, compromising and compassionate. Number 7 is masculine number and have all the qualities of a gentle person like intelligence, peace loving, understanding, imagination and spirituality .All these qualities of number 7 and 6 make a wonderful and long lasting relationship

Number 6 is for Venus and number 8 is for Saturn. These two planets are considered friends but in numerology, characteristics of both the numbers are different. Number 6 is artistic, home loving, need some intimacy in life while number 8 is ambitious, hardworking, materialistic and always try to get success in everything. To make the relationship successful, it is necessary to maintain balance and coordination because number 6 brings good luck to number 8

Number 6 is for Venus and number 8 is for Mars. Two people with these numbers make a perfect match as the characteristics of both the numbers are similar. Both are highly spiritual, talented, artistic, home loving, and make their home on the principle of love and peace. People with these two numbers could enjoy happy, wonderful, peaceful time throughout the life