Number 7 Numerology Compatibility

Compatibility for people born on 7, 16, or 25 of any month

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 1 is for Sun. This combination can be a long lasting relationship, as there is harmony in these numbers. Number 7 is intelligent, intuitive and imaginative and number 1 is purposeful, professional and independent. The relationship between these two numbers would be successful because both are born traveller, energetic and purposeful

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 2 is for Moon. Though these are opposite planets but the characteristics of both the numbers are almost similar. Here both the numbers are spiritual, imaginative, intuitive and sensitive. This combination is very fruitful, as they understand each other

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 3 is for Jupiter. These two numbers are naturally attracted to each other. Number 7 has a quality of sacrifice and number 3 is the symbol of mastermind. This combination makes a very successful partnership based on mutual respect, love and understanding. They set up a perfect home together successfully

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 4 is for Uranus. Numerological number 7 and number 4 is the north and south nodes of the moon. This means one is head and another is the whole body. This relationship works well and has unique balance and coordination between these two numbers. Here head does the planning and give instruction according to that body operates

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 5 is for Mercury. Here the number 7 is spiritual, reserved, dignified, peace loving and calm while number 5 is unconventional, social, changeable and freedom loving. Here qualities of both the numbers are opposite but both are adventurous and love to travel. If these two numbers are combined together as a couple, it is necessary to maintain coordination, balance and peace

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 6 is for Venus. 7 is masculine number and have all the qualities of a gentle person like intelligent, peace loving, understanding, imaginative and spiritual whereas number 6 is artistic, home loving, compromising and compassionate. All these qualities of number 7 and 6 make a wonderful and long lasting relationship

This combination is made in heaven as both the numbers belong to same planet Neptune. These numbers have all the masculine qualities like imaginative, intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, peaceful and understanding. These two numbers don’t like any conventions. They make their own principles and laws and live in their own dream world

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 8 is for Saturn. This is a compatible combination as number 7 is spiritual, meditative, secretive and intelligent while number 8 is materialistic, power hungry, ambitious and determined. For number 8 person fame, glory, goal realisation is the prime and personal relationship often comes with second priority but number 7 is intelligent who always understand and support to number 8

Number 7 is for Neptune and number 9 is for Mars. This combination makes an ideal relationship. Number 7 is intelligent, philosophical, spiritual, artistic and non-materialistic while number 9 is outgoing, compassionate, sensitive and spiritual. If these two numbers are combined together, it brings happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity in the life